Why a College Consutant?

  • To make college more affordable by understanding where your child might get the most need-based or merit-based financial aid. Other than your home, college may be the single biggest expenditure you ever have.
  • To explore more of the hundreds of possible college options that might be a good fit for your child.  Too many students apply to the same schools, neglecting lesser known colleges with great reputations and outcomes.
  • To avoid applying to colleges without knowing if you can afford it should your child be accepted.
  • To sleep easier because you fully understand college application time-frames, standardized testing choices & admissions options.
  • For support in giving your student the structure & accountability needed for staying on top of college application details and deadlines.
  • For easy access to extensive up-to-date information about specific colleges, including how generous they are with aid and their typical admissions decisions, increasing your ability to make informed decisions.
  • To reduce your anxiety (and your student's too) around this next big step.
  • To help your child gauge his current interests and how those might influence college major and/or career choices.
  • For the satisfaction of knowing that your family has engaged in a thoughtful and thorough college search.

What clients are saying

...Most of all we absolutely loved Faith’s empathy, enthusiasm, and genuine excitement when looking at various options for our son.  Faith was committed to helping him find a college that was the best possible fit both academically and financially...
- Kitty Friesen + View more testimonials

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