Why a College Consutant?

  • To make college more affordable by understanding where your child might get the most need-based or merit-based financial aid. Other than your home, college may be the single biggest expenditure you ever have.
  • To explore more of the hundreds of possible college options that might be a good fit for your child.  Too many students apply to the same schools, neglecting lesser known colleges with great reputations and outcomes.
  • To avoid applying to colleges without knowing if you can afford it should your child be accepted.
  • To sleep easier because you fully understand college application time-frames, standardized testing choices & admissions options.
  • For support in giving your student the structure & accountability needed for staying on top of college application details and deadlines.
  • For easy access to extensive up-to-date information about specific colleges, including how generous they are with aid and their typical admissions decisions, increasing your ability to make informed decisions.
  • To reduce your anxiety (and your student's too) around this next big step.
  • To help your child gauge his current interests and how those might influence college major and/or career choices.
  • For the satisfaction of knowing that your family has engaged in a thoughtful and thorough college search.

What clients are saying

"Our experience with Faith has been a life-saver for us - completely positive and helpful...If someone were to ask me if they should reach out to Faith for help and support with this process, I would say, "Absolutely! - This will be the best $___ you spend at any point in your college search". I really do think this service is a treasure, and Faith brings wonderful personal qualities to it."
- Pat Henderson + View more testimonials

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