Hi, I'm Faith.  

I work with families who are about to navigate the often  confusing maze of college admissions, helping them make college planning a clear, well-organized processand even enjoy it!  Yes! It can be done!

me with Pebbles

Being a bit of an organization geek (who loves to read and research) I use my natural inclinations to take a process that can be overwhelming and anxiety provoking and help make it structured, enlightening, and far less stressful than it often turns out to be for many families.

I love that the work I do helps students open doors to possibilities they may not have realized are available. 

 I believe that... 

  • The college search & application process should be as stress-free as possible 
  • College shouldn’t bankrupt your family
  • College choices should be made based on self-exploration and a solid understanding of the options
  • College fit and affordability trumps perceived status
  • University brand name does not determine future success. 

To me, success is...

  • Matching your student’s goals and needs with  environment, culture, geography, affordability, and academics for the best college fit 
  • Freeing students to live their high school lives without constant anxiety about the college search and application process
  • Helping young people head into the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

And I'm a mom...

Being a mom of two children (one in and one already out of college), helps me understand the issues that students and parents face during the high school and college years.  

After a successful professional career, and time as a stay-at-home mom, I decided to take my desire to be of service to youth and my love of reading, research, and organization to create a college planning practice. 

Though there are no licensing requirements within the profession, I earned a  Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA, ("with distinction", which means I had 'As' in all of the classes :) ).   

I have a BA in Psychology and a MA in Organization Development.  I am a member of a number of Educational Consultant’s associations, (shown below).  For those interested, my pre-college advising resume is HERE.

I am a Strong Interest Inventory Certified Practitioner.  The “Strong” is the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tool — I use it to help students explore their interests as they prepare to move into the future.

To stay current with admissions practices & trends I visit college campuses at every opportunity, speak with admissions and financial aid officers, and attend conferences related to education and college admissions.

When I’m not doing college “stuff” I love reading, being with my kids, and hanging with my husband (with whom I love to travel, stopping to visit colleges everywhere we go).  My newest hobby is knitting (big, chunky blankets full of mistakes) and I try to be a regular yoga class attendee!  I love walking, talking, and drinking coffee with friends.  Pebbles and Willow keep me company all day long. :)

If you'd like to talk about your college planning needs please call me 

@ 360-223-7813.  

I'm happy to schedule a free 30 minute phone conversation to discuss my services.



I am a Member of

  • NACA
  • HECA

I fully support and abide by the Statement of Good Practices … of the emerging field of independent college admissions counselors. Those statements can be read here.

What clients are saying

Understanding scholarships, FAFSA, merit aid, need-based aid and loans is a very complex landscape.  Faith got us up and going on our understanding of these complexities which again, reduced our stress and is helping our planning immensely.
- Elizabeth Hampton + View more testimonials

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